Welcome to the world of the Rainbow!

We love our Rainbows, they help us breathe better, get rid of the dirt in our house!

Contact us today to arrange your own demo in your home!

You can also come in and get scents you need, just give us a call! Shipping is available.



  1. Hi there! I love all of the scents that are available! Fresh Linen is my favorite for the bedroom during the day… with the Tea Tree Mint and/or the Eucalyptus my favorite for the night and sleeping, as well as to help get rid of the lingering bacon smell in the kitchen!

  2. Marian Czarnik

    Y’all were recently at the Crawfish Festival. I put my name in the drawing and won.. I still have the voice mail to confutm I have won. there has been 3 attempts for this to be delivered and it has not happened.. they were suppose to come out today on 05/27/17 and be here at 12:00 no one has called nor showed up.. today I try to call and I receive a recoding that y’all are not accepting calls from Me..

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